Reports : Occasional Reports

Title Year Author Download
Mortality of mahouts by captive Asian elephants in Kerala , southern India. 2010 Surendra Varma, T.S.Rajeev , Marshal.C.Radhakrishnan , K.R.Rajesh Download
Ecology and Management of Captive Elephants in Forest Camps of Tamil Nadu. 2010 CUPA , ANCF. Download
Welfare Status of Temple Elephant Mariappan . 2010 Surendra Varma , Ramesh Belagere Download
Welfare status of Lucy the Elephant . 2009 Surendra Varma Download
Captive elephants in Sakrebyle Forest Camp, Karnataka, southern India. 2009 Surendra Varma, Smita Bijjur, N.D.Sudarshan , N.Basappa Download
Welfare Status of the Elephant Lakshmi. 2009 Suparna Ganguly , Shiela Rao , S.R. Sujata , Mahesh Agarwal , Surendra Varma Download
Establishing and Executing Care Centres for Captive Elephants . 2009 Surendra Varma , Suparna Ganguly ,Shiela Rao Download
Temperature Effect on Captive Asian Elephants in Arid Regions of North India. 2008 Surendra Varma , Sujata S.R. , David Abraham Download
Captive Elephants at Bandipur Forest Camp. 2008 Surendra Varma Download
Welfare Status and Cruelty meted out to elephant Poornima. 2007 Surendra Varma , David Abraham , Manoj Oswal Download