Research Papers : Mammals

Title Year Author Download
Some aspects of the ecology of the Indian Giant Squirrel in the tropical forests of Madumalai WLS and their conservation implications 2011 N.Baskaran,S.Venkatesan,J.Mani,Sanjay K Srivastava,Ajay A Desai Download
A new site record of the Grizzled Giant Squirrel Ratufa macroura (Pennant, 1769) in the Hosur forest division, Eastern Ghats, India and its conservation significance 2011 N. Baskaran , K. Senthilkumar & M. Saravanan Download
Small Mammal communities of tropical forest habitats of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary , Southern India 2005 M.Venkatraman,K.Shanker,R.Sukumar Download
Does indigestible food remains in the scats of Sloth Bears represent actual contribution of various diet items ? 2010 N.Baskaran, Ajay A Desai Download
Community structure and demography of small mammal populations in insular montane forests in South India 1998 R.Sukumar,K.Shanker Download
Synchrony in small mammal populations of montane forest patches in southern India. 1999 Kartik Shanker, R.Sukumar Download
The line transect method for estimating large mammals in a tropical deciduous forest an evaluation of models and field experiments 1995 K.Surendra Varman, R.Sukumar Download
Parasite abundance and diversity in mammals: correlates with host ecology 1995 M.G.Watve,R.Sukumar Download
Food habits of the Sloth Bear in Madumalai WLS , Tamil Nadu , South India 1997 N.Baskaran,N.Sivaganesan,J.Krishnamoorthy Download