Research Papers : Wildlife – Human Conflict

Title Year Author Download
Living with wildlife : the roots of conflicts and the solutions 2007 R.Sukumar,Claudio Sillero - Zubiri,Adrian Treves Download
Testing the efficacy of a chilli - tobacco rope fence as a deterrent against crop raiding elephants 2010 K.Chelliah,G.Kanna,N.Baskaran,R.Sukumar Download
Road Kill of animals by highway traffic in the tropical forests of Madumalai Tiger Reserve , South India 2010 N.Baskaran,D.Boominathan Download
Socio - Economic status of Elephant Keepers and Human Captive Elephant Conflict : A case study of the three management systems in Tamil Nadu , SI 2009 N.Baskaran,V.Vanitha,K.Thiyagesan Download
Wildlife Human Conflict in India : An ecological and social perspective 1994 R.Sukumar Download
Elephant - Man Conflict in Karnataka 1986 R.Sukumar Download
The management of Large Mammals in relation to Male Strategies and conflict with people 1991 R.Sukumar Download