Research Papers : Elephants

Title Year Author Download
The Elephant populations of India -Strategies for Conservation 1986 R.Sukumar Download
Growth in the Asian Elephant 1988 R.Sukumar, N.V.Joshi, V.Krishnamurthy Download
Ecology of the Asian Elephant in Southern India : Movement and habitat utilisation patterns 1989 R.Sukumar Download
Carbon Isotope evidence for different feeding patterns in an Asiatic Elephant population 1987 R.Sukumar,S.K.Bhattacharya,R.V.Krishnamurthy Download
Male - Female differences in foraging on crops by Asian Elephants 1988 R.Sukumar Download
Ecology of the Asian Elephant in Southern India : Feeding habits and crop raiding patterns. 1990 R.Sukumar Download
Minimal Viable populations for Asian Elephant Conservation 1995 R.Sukumar Download
Direct and Indirect methods of counting elephants : A comparison of results from Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary 1995 K.Surendra Varman,Uma Ramakrsihnan, R.Sukumar Download
Stable carbon isotope ratios in Asian Elephant collagen: Implications for dietary studies 1992 R.Sukumar,R.Ramesh Download
Elephant Foraging : Is browse or grass more important 1995 R.Ramesh,R.Sukumar Download