Research Papers : Climate Change

Title Year Author Download
Environmental Monitoring Network for India. 2007 R.Sukumar,P.V.Sundareshwar Download
Climate and ecosystem change : What does it mean for biodiversity conservation in India. 2000 R.Sukumar Download
Climatic implications of g13c and G18o ratios from C3 and C4 plants growing in a tropical montane habitat in southern India. 1999 Geeta Rajagopalan,R.Sukumar,R.Ramesh Download
Climate change and tropical forests in India. 1998 N.H.Ravindranath,R.Sukumar Download
Impact of climate change on forests in India. 2006 N.H.Ravindranath,N.V.Joshi,R.Sukumar,A.Saxena Download
Late Quaternary vegetation and climatic changes from tropical peats in southern India- an extended record up to 40000 years BP. 1997 Geeta Rajagopalan,R.Sukumar,R.Ramesh, R.K.Pant G.Rajagopalan Download
Impacts of climate change on forests cover in India. 1996 N.H.Ravindranath,R.Sukumar Download
Climate change and its impact on tropical montane ecosystems in southern India. 1995 R.Sukumar, H.S.Surseh , R.Ramesh Download
A g13c record of late Quaternary climate change from tropical peats in southern India. 1993 R.Sukumar,R.Ramesh,R.K.Pant,G.Rajgopalan Download