Research Papers : Tropical Forest Ecology

Title Year Author Download
Density dependence in common tree species in a tropical dry forest in Mudumalai, southern India 2001 Robert John, R.Sukumar, H.S.Dattaraja,HS.Suresh Download
The dynamics of a tropical dry forest in India :climate, fire , elephants and the evolution of life history dynamics 2005 R.Sukumar, ,H.S.Suresh,H.S.Dattaraja, S.Srinidhi,C.Nath Download
Mudumalai Forest Dynamics Plot , India 2004 R.Sukumar, N.V Joshi,H.S.Suresh,H.S.Dattaraja,Robert John Download
Non Timber Forest Product Extraction , utilization and valuation: A case study from the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve , Southern India 2001 "K.Narendran,Indu K Murthy, H.S.Suresh, H.S.Dattaraja,N.H.Ravindranath, R.Sukumar" Download
Spatial patterns in the distribution of tropical tree species 2000 R.Sukumar , R.Condit Download
Phytogeoraphical affinities of flora of Nilgiri Biosphere RESERVE 1999 H.S.Suresh, R.Sukumar Download
Predicting population trends from size distributions: A direct test in a tropical tree community 1998 R.Condit,R.Sukumar,S.P.Hubbell,R.B.Foster Download
The spatial organisation of plant communities in a deciduous forest: A computational - geometry based analysis 1997 N.V.Joshi,H.S.Suresh,H.S.Dattaraja,R.Sukumar Download
Dynamics of a tropical deciduous forest population changes ( 1988 - 1993) in a 50 Ha plot in Mudumalai 1998 R.Sukumar, N.V Joshi,H.S.Suresh,H.S.Dattaraja Download
Predicting species diversity in tropical forests 2000 Joshua B Plotkin, R.Sukumar etc Download